Vacate Cleaning Adelaide

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide


Vacate Cleaning Adelaide

When moving out of a rental property, the biggest stress can be finding the time to clean everything – not only do you have to pack your beloved possessions, and move your family out, but you have to predict what the landlord might want in regards to an immaculate home.

Rather than fuss around trying to clean the home, when you have more important things to occupy your time, our friendly cleaning staff are experts in conducting a complete clean for your end of tenancy.

What do we do in vacate cleaning?

We cover all the surfaces of the home, from the most obvious, like carpets, to the most hidden, such as inside the bathroom cupboard. We vacuum and scrub and use steam and pressure cleaning for the floors, windows and surfaces. We also clean the entire kitchen and bathroom, attending to the surfaces, mirrors and showers, as well as the tile and grout. From the large curtains, blinds and carpets, right down to the smallest door handle with fingerprints, we make the whole house immaculate.

We approach every task with care to ensure the house is well looked after during the whole process

Our cleaning staff

Completely guided on how to conduct a bond-back clean that satisfied landlords and rental agents alike, our team, based in Adelaide and Adelaide Hills, are experts on vacate cleaning. We know exactly the combination to use to satisfy the bond back conditions, and attend to each and every service with diligence and precision.

Prompt and reliable, our staff are trained and insured and save time using the best methods and a systematic approach. We leave no area untouched, and ensure you receive a clean that everyone will be satisfied with.

Book an appointment

If you would like to book your end of lease service in the Adelaide area, please contact our team to speak about appointment times. We are flexible and can work around your schedule to ensure you receive the best service possible and your bond back, every time. At Sapphire Clean, we’re dedicated to providing you the most comprehensive service possible.

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